Explore The Unexplored In Australia

Australia has a lot of hidden gems and when one is visiting this place they need to find those gems and visit what has not been much explored here.

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Poruma Island, Torres Strait

This island was formerly known as the Coconut Island and it has tiny coral cays. The place is covered with coconut trees and the beaches are full with fallen coconuts. One can take a bath in the crystal clear water and go for fishing and swimming. Also when one is not doing any such water activities they can just relax in the beach sipping the coconut water and sitting idle.

Broken River, Queensland

If one wants to see the best platypus in the works then this Brocken River in the Eungella National Park is the best. The name of the place means the lands of the clouds and it is a drive of 90 kilometres from the west of Mackay. It is located in the middle of forest clad mountains and it contains the longest and oldest stretch of sub tropical rain forest in Australia. To view the platypus there are several viewing platforms which are strung along the river in the picnic area. One can easily find a comfortable rock and sit there for the viewing.

Explore The Unexplored In Australia

Chillagoe Caves, Queensland

They are the glitzy show caves at the southern states and there are more than 600 limestone caves. It is a 3 hours drive from the Cairns. Five caves are there for opening and viewing and each of them is unique. The Royal Arch among them is the biggest and it has a series of 13 chambers which spreads along one and a half kilometre passage with the roots from trees and patches of lights reaching the caves. There is also the Trezkinn Cave which is short and it has a lot of decorations inside. It also includes a massive chandelier that looks like mountain made of melted wax.

Cape Crawford, Northern Territory

Limmen National Park is one of the Northern Territory’s best-kept secrets. This place is tucked away in a very rarely visited corner of the Gulf of Carpentaria which is located in the west of Borroloola. It is a must visit place on the trans-continental Savannah Way that crosses the top half of Australia between Cairns and Broome.

Butterfly Springs

It is a beautiful swimming hole surrounded by paper barks and exquisite dainty orange flowers that attract hundreds of birds to the oasis during the dry season. It is also a home to thousands of Common Crow butterflies that cover the sandstone wall which is located to the right of the pool and arise. The beautiful springs are reason enough to visit this remote park but most people come to see the towering red rock pillars at the Southern Lost City.

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